Trip2Portugal it's a portuguese company that aims the development of residential tourism on short and medium terms, as a growth factor of the world economy.
Founded by two executive directors, with complementary expertise in commercial, financial, administrative areas, the tourism and marketing sector, took this challenge as a result of their personal experience in promoting and renting their own properties, which combined with their professional know-how brings a unique ability to leverage the residential rental market for tourism.

Mission – To increase the value for shareholders, owners and expertise to customers:
Ensure in a sustainable way, revenues for property owners, promoting a wide range of services that add value and simplify its activity;
Overcome tourists’ expectations, making them loyal through the excellence of our service.

Values – Management and Brand-Equity:
Proximity to owners and tourists;
Loyalty in interacting with owners and tourists;
Focus on diversification of supply, product and innovation on the existing market;
Valorisation of customer experience.

Business Areas:
Residential Tourism at the service of tourists and owners.